Leniar - Down to the millimetre

Artists, school children, architects, office workers, university students and even soldiers – for over 40 years our robust drawing instruments have been used by all of these groups. We are currently Europe’s largest manufacturer of aluminium drafting tools and, annually, we sell 2.5 million items needed for office work. We also regularly supply accessories to NATO armies. However, our business first started in an ordinary garage…


Our humble beginnings

In 1983, brothers Ryszard and Jerzy Leniar started production of drawing template rulers in the garage next to their home. Ryszard came up with the idea for the business three years earlier, when he was still an architecture student, and he undertook to design the main signboard on the façade of the Krakow University of Technology building. In those days, it was difficult to acquire specialist drafting accessories and they were too expensive for a student’s pocket. Therefore, the idea was a response to market demand at a time when architects and designers worked without an aid of computers.


Growth in the times of the transition

With the first large orders from state-owned companies, the Leniar partnership’s operations gained momentum.
Its founders continually sought contacts with foreign businesses and worked to improve the production processes. Soon the economic reality in Poland changed immensely, and Leniar company made a smooth transition into the 1990s with a new product – a scale ruler. It was the first item on offer to be manufactured “from scratch” using a novel technology and machines newly imported
from the West. In retrospect, this moment proved to be a breakthrough.

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From the garage to a production hall

The year 1998 was very special for the company. It was then that mass production started after the operations moved to the company’s advanced manufacturing hall. We were happy to be able to design and manufacture, in Poland, our carefully crafted goods, which were appreciated by domestic and foreign customers. We started selling our goods abroad, even overseas. At the same time, we continued to introduce new products and we were planning further growth. In that period, working jointly with other companies of a similar business profile, we decided to set up the Chamber of the Entrepreneurs in Office and School Supplies Industry, which still operates today.

We believed that together we would more effectively promote the business of Polish companies at international trade fairs.

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Commitment to quality

Other key moments in our history include the opening of our office, in our own office building in the centre of Kraków in 2011, and the launch of an advanced manufacturing facility in Rogoźnica in 2018. Owing to our state-of-the-art production line and highly competent staff our products have a timeless quality, and this is something we are particularly proud of. We know that customers trust the quality of Leniar brand.


Permanent values, new objectives

Guided by our permanent values, we set further goals and introduce new items. Today, we all need durable, sustainable and good-looking products. Our office supplies, made of environment-friendly materials, meet these expectations.

Leniar ... 40 years of history